Have you considered selling your real estate note?


We provide a free, no obligation quote to buy your private party or seller financed real estate note. Simply fill out our form about your note, we’ll then offer you a CASH buy out! if you like our offer? Sell it to us and if you don’t? No problem, there’s no commitment or obligation.  Read more.

Stop worrying about collecting payments each month!


Stop worrying about whether the taxes and insurance premiums are being paid each year to protect your investment! We’ll handle it. You don’t have to stop and worry about whether your borrower will continue to make their payments.

Sell your note and free up the cash for something more important or to reinvest in a better deal.

We’ll buy it!

  • In all 50 states
  • Even if your note is non-performing and the borrower is in default
  • Not just single family homes but also multi family, commercial, vacant lots etc